Stressed Out

We’ve all been there. I’m not claiming to be the only one. We’ve all faced long to-do lists, exploding inboxes, daunting projects, calls to return, meetings to attend, and not enough time in the day to complete any of it.

Stress. It happens. People get stressed out. It’s very easy to notice stress. Think about it. Stress can show up as bad eating habits, exhaustion, tears, short tempers, headaches, illness, and can effect relationships as well. I’ve personally noticed that my body tells me I’m stressed before I admit it to myself. I get overly tired and then end up getting sick when I’m really stressed out. When that happens, I’ve got to slow down and get rest.

For some people, it only takes a tiny occurrence to discombobulate them. Others seemingly manage stress well. Have you ever stopped to think about how you handle stress? Are you a stress eater? Do you tend to wear yourself out by not getting enough sleep? Perhaps you close people off and keep to yourself? I’m willing to bet you have a tale tale sign. Have you figured yours out? I know that I’m a stress eater. I love to eat sweets when I’m stressed.

There are ways to manage stress. Maybe you exercise or make sure to get plenty of sleep at night. Maybe you leave work at the office and spend quality time with your loved ones. Everyone needs something different when it comes to managing stress. The trick is to find what works for you. What is your favorite way of coping with stress?

The tricky thing about stress is that we face it everyday. I know that I’ve had to figure out the best way for ME to cope with stress. What I’ve learned about myself is that I need to be honest about it. I can’t ignore the signs – because my body will eventually slow me down whether I want to or not. I’ve also learned that how one deals with stress speaks a lot of their character. I don’t want to become impatient, rude, or aggressive with people just because I’m stressed. I don’t want to let stress feed on negativity.

I love working with positive people. I consider myself a positive person. It doesn’t come naturally 100% of the time. When things get stressful, I have to remind myself to smile, listen, and find joy in little things.

Everyone has stress in their life. It’s how you deal with it that people will remember.

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