Thankful Thursday

About 8 years ago, a former student of mine, Macy, emailed me. Macy is a student from my 3rd grade class that I taught in 1999. Macy stole my heart as soon as I met her.

In her email, Macy told me that she was a senior in high school and had to write a report about her favorite teacher. Guess who she chose? Macy emailed to tell me why I was one of her favorite teachers.

Let me tell you what that email meant to me. It validated all of the late nights, long days, work filled weekends, and sleepless nights that teachers go through. Teaching is hard work, but we do it for our kids.

We arranged a time for Macy to come and visit me at school. After our visit, we decided to keep in touch. I’m proud to say that Macy graduated high school, college, and nursing school and is now a nurse practitioner at a local hospital. My heart bursts with pride when I think of her.

Macy will never understand what that email means to me. I felt honored that she still remembered and thought of me!

I have had other students get in touch with me over the years. Facebook has allowed me the opportunity to connect to former students and parents that have a special place in my heart. I love seeing my kids graduate high school and college. I’ve even been invited to a few of the ceremonies.

Top: Maggie (former kindergarten student)
Middle: Luke, Hope, and Noah (former kindergarten students and siblings)
Bottom: Alex (former kindergarten student)

I’m unsure if students ever really understand the effect they have on their teachers. My students will always be “my kids”. I learned so much about teaching, learning, patience, and myself by being part of their lives. I am thankful for the lessons they taught me.

Today I challenge you to think of a former student that has made an impact on you. If possible, reach out and let them know you are thankful for them and why.

I will forever be thankful to Macy, Maggie, Alex, Luke, Hope, Noah and the countless others that have touched my heart over the years.

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