Wonder Woman

Anyone that knows me knew this was bound to happen…the mention of Wonder Woman. She’s my hero. I love Wonder Woman and everything she represents. I have been a fan since 1979 when I was given Wonder Woman Underoos. My parents and big sister still shower me with gifts featuring my hero. Even at 40, I pay homage to her through my Wonder Woman themed laundry room.

My Wonder Woman Laundry Room

But there is a reason I admire Wonder Woman and it’s not just her fabulous tiara. She’s a superhero. I believe that everyone has the potential to be a superhero, even if just for a moment. This is a thought I remind myself of everyday when faced with a million decisions and more importantly, when faced with educating kids. They need a superhero to teach, guide, understand, and love them.  They need someone to protect them and show them how to be positive.

I also believe that students should see adults look up to people. I want to teach my students that everyone can have a hero to look up to and teach them, even grown ups.  There is no shame in admiring others. In fact, don’t you think it motivates us to be better, to become a better version of ourselves?

I will never forget a student looking at a Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) card on my desk and asking “why do you have a picture of Katy Perry?”  Fast forward 10 years and now students draw Wonder Woman pictures, give me gifts with her picture, and show me their Wonder Woman t-shirts and book bags with pride.  All because they know she is my hero.

Lynda Carter

So why Wonder Woman? People (students included) ask me this question all the time.  Well, she’s strong, independent, brave, and let’s not forget her phenomenal red boots! These are all qualities I aspire to and hope describe my own character, even the red boots.  Who is your hero? Which inner superhero do you channel?

Race Costume ~2015 Krispy Kreme Challenge

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